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For dinner tonight, just let me dive face first into a Farmers' Market.
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At least three dead in two shootings at Jewish centers in Kansas. 15-year-old boy reported to be critically wounded; police report one person was in custody; man reportedly yelled ‘Heil Hitler’ when police arrested him.

Click here for the full story and breaking developments

Reblogging again to add: 

Also, non-Jews, please spread this. People will forget about it otherwise. The police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime, despite the fact that witnesses have said that the man was asking people if they were Jewish and waiting for an affirmative response before shooting. The more people who are paying attention to this story the harder it will be for it to be swept under the rug. 

A lot of people are currently very excited about the recent Cap movie. If you believe that it was worthwhile for Steve Rogers to fight fictional nazis, please show that you care about the people harmed by those in the real world who still agree with Nazi ideology. If you can get super excited and make tons of posts about Cap, then you can do this too, right? (obviously there are people who are upset/triggered by this stuff, which is an entirely different situation. but if you can spread the word please do)

I’m very sorry to those of you who don’t come to my blog expecting to see news or other horrible real world stuff. I thought it was worth putting out there.

Also the shooter is a former KKK Grand Dragon

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That blog post for my women’s studies class remains one of the pieces of writing I’m most proud of. I had a lot of passion about the topic and I was able to translate it into writing to my satisfaction which is very rare.

Apparently in her queer studies class today, my former professor talked about a blog post about teen girls that I wrote and how great it was and how much she loved it and I’m full of a lot of feelings and happy and oh goodness.

You never love a book the way you love a book when you are ten. It is an honor to be in that sacred space in some children’s brains.
Daniel Handler (aka Lemony Snicket)

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to lead up to halloween here are all kinds of movies all about witchcraft. funny movies, sad movies, scary movies, vaguely historically inaccurate movies. movies that are not explicitly about witches (this isn’t a very large genre ok)

  1. häxan: witchcraft through the ages (1922)
  2. i married a witch (1942)
  3. black sunday (1960)
  4. horror hotel (1960)
  5. witchfinder general (1968)
  6. bedknobs and broomsticks (1971)
  7. the devils (1971)
  8. simon, king of the witches (1971)
  9. suspiria (1977)
  10. inferno (1980)
  11. return to oz (1985)
  12. the witches of eastwick (1987)
  13. kiki’s delivery service (1989)
  14. teen witch (1989)
  15. warlock (1989)
  16. the witches (1990)
  17. death becomes her (1992)
  18. hocus pocus (1993)
  19. the bride with white hair (1993)
  20. witch hunt (1994)
  21. lord of illusions (1995)
  22. the craft (1996)
  23. practical magic (1998)
  24. ginger snaps (2000)
  25. bewitched (2005)
  26. the woods (2006)
  27. solstice (2008)
  28. the house of the devil (2009)
  29. beautiful creatures (2013)
  30. hansel & gretel: witch hunters (2013)
  31. ek thi daayan (2013)


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BERLIN FASHION WEEK HERBST/WINTER 2014/15 - Lena Hoschek (part 2)

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I think I’ve developed an allergy to something in my new apartment? Or mono is being weird? I can’t tell what the cause is, only that I’m miserable right now.

I’m starting to meet a noticeable number of vegans and for a few of my friends it’s only a matter of time before they’re vegan too so I started looking at some vegan recipes because I like to make food for people.

I’m a little offended by the sheer volume of salad recipes. I know how to chop up veggies and mix them together. Goddamn.

And what’s with all the kale? I do not support the kale movement. I can respect all the avocado even though I think it’s gross because it’s apparently a decent egg substitute, but there is no excuse for all the fucking kale I’m running into.

Also there is apparently some confusion over how veganism works judging by all the recipes calling for eggs or even milk. Honey, as I understand it, is debatable as far as whether or not vegans will consume it, but I’m real sure vegans have a pretty solid opinion on eggs and milk. And I’m real sure it is not a positive opinion.

I’ll have to do a more effective search when I have real internet access again because I do not feel as though I succeeded.