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For dinner tonight, just let me dive face first into a Farmers' Market.


Barbara Stanwyck shows how to handle a sleaze in Baby Face, 1933

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I hate to break this to you but there are lesbian relationships that involve penis because there are trans lesbians with penises. There are lesbian relationships where everyone has penises in them.

Sorry* to burst your transmisogynist bubble.

*Lol, I’m not sorry.

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have you ever considered that female celebrities claim not to be feminists/push a watered down version of feminism because it’s fucking unsafe for them to admit to anything else? emma watson gave the most watered down, man friendly speech on feminism i’ve ever seen in my life and men threatened to leak nudes of her and attack her so

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Tragically, every step forward for the gay-rights movement creates a false hope of acceptance for certain youth, and therefore a swelling of the homeless-youth population.
“The summer that marriage equality passed in New York, we saw the number of homeless kids looking for shelter go up 40 percent,” says Carl Siciliano, founder of the Ali Forney Center, the nation’s largest organization dedicated to homeless LGBT youth.



Fun fact about American health care: if I ever need an organ transplant, I’ll somehow have to hide my autism, depression, and anxiety from the doctors, or else I’ll be disqualified under ideas about quality of life. It’s really great to know how valued…

Hands down the weirdest cookie fortune I’ve ever received.



Thirteen? And it’s even worse because Bill Cosby has the fucking smuggest old black man public persona that I hate. Pull your pants up, black people. I was on TV in the ’80s. I can talk down to you because I had a successful sitcom. Yeah, but you raped women, Bill…

Read this because it’s necessary to stand against absolute shit rapists, but I won’t lie, this is a huuuuge bummer.

The food I got is real good though. Also this place has the bonus of large entree + a single egg roll = exactly enough to qualify for delivery.